Complete Representation Tier 1

Complete Representation Tier 1



  • Attorney review of your lease and exhibits

  • 30-minute call with The Lease Shop to discuss your business's specific needs and goals in relation to your lease.

  • Markup of your lease containing all recommended edits.

  • E-mail memo outlining The Lease Shop's assessment of the most critical provisions for the negotiations with your landlord.

  • 60-minute negotiation call with landlord or its counsel.

  • 30-minute decision-making call between you and The Lease Shop.

  • Another revision of your lease reflecting the outcome of the negotiations and your decisions, accompanied by an e-mail assessing the progress you have achieved through the lease negotiations.

Shortly after your purchase you will receive an e-mail message containing our terms of engagement for your approval, a link to upload your letter of intent (if you have completed one) and your lease, and a link for you to schedule a time for your initial call with The Lease Shop. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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