Q: why should i use an attorney for help with my lease?

A: A lease truly is a situation where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Unfortunately, many startups forego investing in legal counsel for help with their first lease in an attempt to save money. And even established businesses may overlook the importance of assistance from an attorney specifically trained in leasing law - until an issue arises. We understand that it may not be feasible for every business to invest its money or time in a full-blown legal engagement involving extensive drafting, redrafting, and negotiation of a lease.  But the return on even a small investment in help with your lease is potentially big - you may discover cost savings, learn of benefits you can request that you would not have otherwise known about, or discover that critical provisions affecting your legal rights and finances are missing from your lease or skewed too far towards the landlord's interests. Don't wait until you're locked into a lease and problems materialize to seek legal advisement (but if you end up in this situation, we can help).    

Q: how can the lease shop deliver high quality legal advice at a price point lower than what i've been quoted by another high-end real estate attorney?

A: The Lease Shop's value proposition is rooted in the development of systematic methods designed to streamline the non-legal elements of our relationship with you and hone in on the parts of your lease that really matter to you and your business. We have designed packages and services tailored to the needs of various businesses and budgets. Further, we've invested a significant amount of time and effort in modernizing the delivery of legal services and employing cutting-edge technology. From our point of purchase options to our systematized workflow process, every element of our structure is designed to allow us to deliver value to our clients, and in turn, to allow our clients to focus on their businesses  - not on searching for a lawyer, attending multiple meetings about their lease matters, or dealing with the delays associated with traditional law firm intake models. Additionally, our level of expertise, investment in innovative technologies, and complete dedication of our time to leasing work enable us to, quite simply, do excellent work on the matters we accept more efficiently than other attorneys.  

Q: why should i use the lease shop if my local business attorney has quoted me a lower price for help with my lease?

A: The Lease Shop is managed by an attorney with extensive, high-end leasing experience. Any other attorneys who may work on your matter have been personally trained and are supervised by this lawyer. Therefore, the level of expertise you're receiving with The Lease Shop is on par with the counsel that will be working for your landlord (or in many cases, better). By going with The Lease Shop, you're giving your business the best possible chance of being on a level playing field with your landlord. If you have been quoted a lower price for review of your lease, it is likely that the lawyer you've consulted with is not a leasing specialist - many lawyers may claim to have leasing experience, but we suggest you ask a few probing questions to really assess a lawyer's expertise or purported specialization in a specific area of law. Or if the lawyer has quoted you a fixed fee, he or she may not be clearly explaining the limitations of the engagement or things which will fall "outside the scope" of the quoted price (thus resulting in unexpected add-on costs to you). But by all means, if you've found an experienced leasing lawyer that you trust and who can offer a better price than The Lease Shop, go with that attorney if it's the best decision for you and your business. Our mission is to make excellent legal help with leases accessible to all businesses, and we're happy you've found another great option (although we still feel confident that we offer value beyond any other option you might find!).  


Q: why should i use the lease shop as opposed to an online lease abstracting/review service or an online lawyer referral service?

A: If you search the Internet, you'll find that there are a few online lease review and abstracting services, some of which appear to provide legitimate and competent service from non-lawyer real estate professionals. However, you generally get what you pay for. The cheaper a service is, the more boilerplate and impersonal the product you'll receive is likely to be. The Lease Shop's packages and price points have been carefully crafted to optimize your return on investment and strike a balance between: (a) offering modernized, technology-streamlined service, and (b) maintaining the "trusted advisor" component of having a real relationship with a lawyer who cares about and understands you and your business. We speak with each and every client to learn what is most important to you and your business. Your end product with The Lease Shop will not contain confusing or generic advice, and we will hone in on the elements of your lease which are most likely to be true concerns for your business. We are realistic about your leverage in the lease negotiation and won't confuse you with long lists of lease provisions you should try to negotiate on your own. We'll spend the time to provide you with sufficient background and advice to help you through your deal to the endpoint that is best for your business. Moreover, using a licensed attorney is the safest way to ensure that the advice and content you are receiving is backed by a code of professional conduct including quality assurances. Finally, if you decide that you need more help than originally anticipated (whether you need more advisement on lease revisions, help with negotiations, or post-lease assistance), you can continue your engagement with The Lease Shop, as our services are not limited to a one-time lease review. 

Online lawyer referral services may be another option you've looked into. However, lawyers you may find through such services are unlikely to be true leasing specialists and are unlikely to take the same vested interest in your outcome as The Lease Shop, which is dedicated to providing high caliber yet accessible legal services to all businesses.  

Q: does the lease shop help landlords, or only tenants?

A: To stick closely to our mission and avoid conflicts of interest, we do not typically represent landlords on lease negotiations. However, we know that some landlords are also business owners and entrepreneurs, so there may be some cases where a landlord representation would be a good fit for our firm. When a proposed landlord representation is consistent with our core mission and values (and does not pose a legal conflict with our tenant-side work), we are happy to work with a landlord and can do so at a value-added proposition just like we do with our tenant clients. Nonetheless, the Leasing Services you'll find on our website are targeted to tenant-side businesses, and a landlord's needs may vary. If you are a landlord seeking assistance with your leasing processes, please contact us to discuss your situation. 

We do welcome any opportunity to work with landlords on lease abstraction projects and some other lease-related matters detailed on our Related Services page, and can offer excellent value on such projects to clients who might otherwise use a large law firm. 


Q: does the lease shop handle residential leases, or only commercial leases?

A: We do not currently handle residential leases or residential lease-related issues. 

Q: what if i want services that don't exactly fit into one our your service options?

A:  Generally, we don't tailor our service plans on an individual basis because we are best able to provide value-added service by working within the framework we've set up.  However, in the leasing world, no two deals are ever exactly alike, and if your situation does not mesh with one of the plans laid out on our website (maybe there are multiple components to your transaction, or you're doing something a little unusual), contact us and let's discuss how we may be able to structure a plan that will help you accomplish your goals. 

If you need help with a lease-related issue such as those listed on our Related Services page, we can most likely help you navigate whatever document or situation you're facing. Please contact The Lease Shop with a brief description of your situation and we will get back to you shortly to discuss your legal needs.

The Lease Shop can assist with lease disputes in many situations where the goal is to resolve the issue at hand in an expeditious and cost-effective manner, but we do not do litigation. If you're facing a situation where litigation is unavoidable, we can provide consulting services to you or your litigation lawyer, which may be helpful if complex leasing issues are involved.   


Q: my business has unique or "outside-the-box" needs. can the lease shop still help me?

A: We have experience with a wide range of commercial leasing situations. To name a few examples, we've worked on leases for restaurants, flex spaces, pop-up stores, industrial staging and manufacturing spaces, banks, law offices, grocery stores, medical and dental offices, cell towers, gyms and personal training studios, and even swimming schools. With our breadth of experience, we can almost certainly address your unique needs. If we can't, we will let you know up front and refund your purchase - but that hasn't happened yet! We love meeting business owners and helping bring their unique ideas to life.  

If your real estate needs involve more than just a lease (for example, if you are subleasing a space, or your lease will be accompanied by the acquisition of personal property or fixtures in the space), we can help you through any lease-centered deal. Please contact us so that we can learn about your needs and tailor a package that will suit your unique situation. 


Q: i'VE NEVER SEEN A LAW FIRM OFFER point of purchase Sales on its website. how can i rest assured that the services will be delivered as promised if i make a purchase on this website?

A: Offering instant point of purchase on our website is one of the ways The Lease Shop is able to offer such timely and cost-effective service to its clients. We've eliminated the overhead and delay associated with traditional law firm client intake processes. When you complete your purchase, you will hear back from us very quickly with the next steps of your service laid out for you. We are obligated under the rules of professional conduct applicable to attorneys to follow through with the services you have purchased.  


Q:what if i need help with my lease faster than the turnaround times laid out on your website? 

A: Most of our services have a very short turnaround time following our discussion with you regarding your lease, which we're proud to offer and is unmatched by most other legal service providers (and as an added bonus, the ease and speed of our intake process cuts out additional delay). We are unable to guarantee faster turnaround time, as it would compromise our ability to meet the expectations of our other clients. In many years of practicing leasing law, we've only encountered one true emergency lease-related situation, but it does happen from time to time! Even if we did happen to have availability to take on an exigent situation on your behalf, we must comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys, which involves completing a conflict check and obtaining your agreement to our terms of engagement before taking any action - so we are usually unable to function as an "on-call" service.  Your best bet if you do run into a true lease-related emergency is probably going to be contacting your general business lawyer, with whom you are already an active client. 


Q:what if i purchase services from the lease shop and then change my mind about moving forward with my lease? 

A: The only way we can offer the quick turnaround times we promise our clients is by beginning your work right away once you've made a package decision and uploaded your lease documents during the checkout process. So it is best to be fully decided that you want to move forward with a lease before you purchase one of our flat fee packages. That being said, we understand that business needs sometimes change, or new opportunities may pop up unexpectedly.  If you submit a lease to us for review and then change your mind about your decision to move forward with that lease (or need to put our services on hold for any other reason), notify us right away.  We are unable to refund payment to the extent that we have already performed services on your behalf, but we will provide a fair reconciliation of your payment based on the work we performed on your behalf prior to our receipt of notification that you wish to put your lease deal on hold. 

If you'd like a comparison of two leases to help you decide which might be the better deal, we can do that as a Related Service


Q:can you help with my business's purchase of a building or a unit in a commercial building? 

A: The Lease Shop's services are limited to help with leases and lease-related issues. We recommend that you seek out an experienced general real estate lawyer in your area if you are purchasing your space. 


Q:I'm running a nonprofit business and we have no legal budget. is there any way the lease shop could still assist us with our lease? 

A: Yes! The Lease Shop is able to take on a limited number of pro bono (i.e., services provided at no charge) leasing matters for nonprofits that meet certain requirements, and providing pro bono services is an important component of our responsibility as legal professionals. If your nonprofit is centered around a charitable mission and you need legal assistance with a lease, please contact us to discuss whether we may be able to take on your leasing matter.