Related Services

In addition to our core leasing services, The Lease Shop offers assistance for lease-related documents and legal issues. Since the scope of lease-related services can vary greatly, we do not provide fixed pricing up front, but if you are in need of any of these services, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss  your situation and quote you a fixed price, bundled, or value-based pricing scheme. 

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pre-lease and lease-related documents

The leasing process often involves more than just a lease alone. The Lease Shop offers fixed price assistance on letters of intent, franchise agreements, pop-up store agreements, subordination and non-disturbance agreements, easements, leasehold mortgages, and equipment/fixture purchase or leasing. We can also compare several leases to help you decide which to move forward with (which is sometimes the most cost-effective move for a business to make if you're not wed to a specific property). 


Post-Lease Issues/disputes

Even after you have secured your lease, you may encounter problems navigating the landlord-tenant relationship, need help with lease renewal negotiations, receive estoppel requests that you are hesitant to sign without the green light from a lawyer, decide you need to assign or sublease your lease, and come across other issues related to your lease. The Lease Shop is here to help you navigate any of these situations efficiently and cost-effectively. 

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Due Diligence and lease abstracting

In certain cases, due diligence (title review, environmental studies, review of underlying ground lease documents, or assessment of franchise agreements or business documents such as bylaws) is a wise investment prior to entering into a lease. The Lease Shop offers these services at reasonable prices and completes them in a timely manner. The Lease Shop also offers lease abstract project services for landlords or tenants who are auditing their portfolios or preparing for a corporate acquisition.