The Lease Shop is managed by principal attorney Amy Bowen, who spent twelve years of her legal career at a national law firm with one of the largest real estate groups in the country. The size and strength of that real estate group meant not only top caliber training in real estate law, but also that specializing in specific areas of real estate was possible. Amy embarked on such specialization in commercial leasing. She learned from the "best of the best" how to draft and negotiate retail, industrial, and office leases, and how to handle any type of lease-related challenge.

However,  Amy noticed a few things about the world of sophisticated leasing work: (1) lawyers were often saying "this isn't rocket science", and (2) many leasing specialists seemed to operate on a model designed to create lots of unnecessary time and expense for clients (not surprising given that most big law firms charge by the billable hour). After doing a number of lease negotiations, it began to feel like there was a script that would go back and forth for hours on end, debating various points of contention that both parties likely already had "bottom line" positions on. Amy found herself wishing attorneys in her field could simply "cut to the chase" and stop rehashing the same arguments and counterarguments repeatedly from one lease to the next merely for the sake of posturing in the negotiations. After all, it "wasn't rocket science", right? 

But even though leasing work is indeed not rocket science, it isn't a no-brainer either. There are still many concepts that the untrained business person (and even the untrained attorney) might not understand or could easily misinterpret. And the potential ramifications of entering into a one-sided lease or not being aware of how certain parts of a lease will operate are huge. Competent legal guidance with a commercial lease is necessary, but countless hours toiling away negotiating and redrafting multiple times (and billing clients for those hours) are not. This perspective goes hand in hand with the basic premise of The Lease Shop, which is to guide clients through the leasing process in an informed, efficient, and confident manner to end up with a lease that meets each business’s specific needs - without slowing down business or breaking the bank.



The Lease Shop is a division of Uplink Legal LLC. When attorney Amy Bowen left the world of big law firms to launch a boutique practice, she began by focusing solely on real estate clients needing assistance with communications industry-related leasing matters. That had been her super-niche in her previous position, and continuing in the same area seemed like the surest way to make good use of her expertise and network of potential clients. However, as she proceeded down the path of developing Uplink Legal, Amy became increasingly intrigued by what she was learning in her business and entrepreneurship studies.  And she developed a strong sense of wanting to "give back" as a result of the support she received from other small business owners and entrepreneurs along the way. Amy realized that she could develop an innovative model for a law practice that would provide high-end leasing help at a great value proposition, and created The Lease Shop to fulfill her desire to help a variety of clients and put the full breadth of her legal skills to work.  


the lease shop mission statement

Our mission is to empower businesses and entrepreneurs by imparting knowledge, providing value-added legal assistance, and serving as a trusted ally in the process of leasing real estate.